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Tidy Closet

Is your closet so full you have no room for the pile of clothes sitting on your bedroom floor? Have you got clothes your hanging onto but no longer wear? During a wardrobe detox session we peacefully go through your wardrobe, decluttering and organising your nearest and dearest items. By the end of the session you will have a wardrobe your proud to open!

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Fresh Living Room

From a single cupboard to an entire house/office together we will sort through the clutter and transform the area into a tranquil tidy space you love to spend time in.


Children's Nursery

Transform your spare room into the magical space for the arrival of your bundle of joy. We will discuss colour schemes, room layout and storage space.


Moving In

Take the stress out of packing and unpacking during your move. I will organise and coordinate the packing and unpacking of your personal belongings, ensuring your settled into your new home with ease.I also offer Home Staging services.


Stack of Envelopes

I will sort through back logs of paperwork and create a simple effective filing system so you will be able to file and find all your documents at ease.


Church Cross

I understand first-hand the experience of loosing a loved one. The stress of dealing with funeral, and gathering all essential legal documents can be a very labouring task. I offer a service to try and reduce that burden from the family and help in the ways listed below:

- Search and acquire legal documents for death registration and organise an appointment with your local borough.

- Contact and notify extended friends and family of funeral arrangements.

- Organise and distribute belongings according to the executors will.

- Support the family in decluttering and organising the deceased belongings.

- Arrange charity collections or rubbish removal.

-  Stage home for sale or lease if needed.

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