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The concept behind Tidy Me

I have very fond childhood memories of visiting family friends homes with my parents. Instead of sitting there engaging in conversation or watching television like normal children I sneaked off to the kitchen and completely re-organised their walk in pantry. Every cereal box, tin, spice and jam jar was perfectly placed in order of its purpose and use. I should have realised then that was my calling in life, but no I went on to complete two science degrees and build a career for myself in clinical project management. After being told for many years that I had a talent for organising, I really started to play with the idea of being a Personal Organiser. I never knew they existed till I did some research, and then my mind started running away with me and Tidy Me was birthed.

My vision for every single Londoner is that they have a clutter free, organised home/space to live and work in. I know from personal and professional experience that motivation and progression are both severely hampered when the environment you dwell in is cluttered and disorganised. You might be saying to yourself " But that is too hard or I have tried but it gets back into a mess", and that is where I step in. As a Personal Organiser, I will help you detox and recreate your home/office and create systems to help stay organised. Just like a Personal Trainer train's you physically, a Personal Organiser train's you mentally to show you how to get organised but how to stay organised. I want to help you declutter and organise your way to living a successful and accomplished life. The one thing that brings me so much joy is seeing my clients overjoyed when they stand back and look at what they have accomplished in our sessions. I know you know that feeling of accomplishment too, so come on lets get organised! #tidymeplease

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